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You may have heard of an “apple-shaped” or a “pear-shaped” body.

About Small Buttocks

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You may have heard of an “apple-shaped” or a “pear-shaped” body.

The pear shape body tends to have curves and has fuller buttocks.  The apple-shaped body carries more fat inside the abdomen and frequently has small, flat buttocks.

How We Help

In the past 10 years, transferring fat from one part of the body to another has become a reality.

One of the more common fat transfers is to remove fat from the body by liposuction and then transfer that fat to the buttocks and hips.  Commonly known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift,” the procedure reshapes the buttocks, hips and waist.



Will a thigh lift remove cellulite or stretch marks?

Thigh lift surgery is a great way to slim the contour and improve the appearance of your legs. Since a thigh lift includes tightening the skin and correcting stubborn fat pockets, it can improve the visibility of cellulite and stretch marks on your thighs. If you’re interested in addressing stretch marks or cellulite, let us know in your consultation so we can adjust your treatment plan to fit all of your goals.

How long will my results last?

After your surgery, if you stay healthy with regular exercise and a balanced diet, you should maintain your thigh lift results for many years. We recommend that you be at or near a healthy, stable weight prior to thigh lift surgery so it’s easy to keep your results. Significant weight changes or pregnancy following your thigh lift can alter your appearance. In your consultation, we will talk to you about what will make your surgical results last.

Can I combine a thigh lift with other surgeries?

You may consider combining a thigh lift with a butt lift or tummy tuck to create a lower body lift. Thighplasties are also a common part of after weight loss surgery or a mommy makeover. In your initial consultation, talk to Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson about your wants and goals so they can develop a comprehensive surgical plan that gives you the best results.

What about a nonsurgical thigh lift?

Although there are nonsurgical options to reduce fat in the body and tighten skin, these can help with mild improvements. A thighplasty is the best way to correct significant amounts of excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat on your thighs. If you’re considering nonsurgical procedures, ask Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson to give you more information in your initial consultation. They will discuss the pros and cons of surgical and nonsurgical thigh treatment options, plus their opinion on which would be the best fit with your needs.

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