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A mommy makeover is a comprehensive surgical treatment plan that addresses the many areas of the body that are changed by pregnancy. While childbirth is an amazing and miraculous moment for many women, it can cause changes to the midsection, breasts, thighs, and more. Sometimes, diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to reverse these unwanted effects. 

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At Plastic Surgery Associates’ location in Santa Rosa, CA, you can reclaim a your  pre-baby body with the assistance of mommy makeover surgical procedures. Your transformation is unique, and can be customized to meet your needs. Mommy makeovers are different for every patient, but typically include combinations of: 

  • Liposuction 
  • Breast augmentation 
  • Breast lift 
  • Tummy tuck 
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Labiaplasty 

Our surgeons, Dr. Heather Furnas, Dr. Francisco Canales, and Dr. Eric Culbertson are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and help patients make the best decisions for their health and aesthetic goals. With a virtual consultation or a call to (707) 537-2111, you can begin your journey towards a body that you feel happy and confident in! 

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Mommy makeovers combine plastic surgery procedures that address the areas of the body that are typically impacted most by pregnancy and childbirth. 

Tummy Tuck

A growing baby takes a toll on it’s mother’s midsection. Once skin has been stretched past its limit, it simply can’t “snap back.” And, damage to the muscles, a condition called diastasis recti, can leave women with a variety of unpleasant symptoms in addition to a tell-tale “pooch.” 

During the procedure, a horizontal incision is made in just above the pubic area; sometimes, the surgeon will opt to make one around the belly button as well. The skin is lifted from the underlying tissues, and the separated abdominal muscles are restored and reinforced with sutures to promote core strength and tightness. Although this is mostly considered a cosmetic procedure, it can also help reduce incontinence and other symptoms that often arises after women give birth.(1) Once the skin is redraped for a taut appearance and excess skin and fat are removed, the incision is sutured closed, and the belly button receives a new home in the overlying skin flap. The result is a smooth, firm belly, and the remaining scar is easily concealed beneath bikini bottoms. 


Liposuction is a less invasive procedure that permanently removes fat from unwanted areas. While it can contour areas of stubborn fat, it isn’t a solution for weight loss. After a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area, your surgeon will make tiny incisions that are discreetly placed adjacent to the treatment area. Then, tumescent fluid is infiltrated into the area.

A microcannula instrument is then used to suction fat from the area. The procedure requires no suturing; since the incisions are so small, only gauze, surgical tape, and a compression garment are necessary. Liposuction has been proven to be extremely safe and can be performed under local or general anesthesia. (2) 

Breast Implants

The two types of breast augmentation procedures we offer for mommy makeovers are breast implants and breast fat transfer. Breast augmentations can restore volume that is typically lost after the hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy and changes to the breast tissues during breastfeeding.

When it comes to breast implants, you will have the ability to choose the size, shape, texture and projection. The most popular kind of implant used today are made from silicone, which are safer than ever come in both textured and smooth forms, but our doctors prefer smooth implants. When meeting with the surgeons of Plastic Surgery Associates, they will discuss the pros and cons of each type and what will suit your body best. 

During your consultation, you and one of our surgeons will discuss what kind of incisions to make and the placement of the implants themselves. A periareolar incision is made right around the nipple, an inframammary incision is made on the underside crease of the breast, and a transaxillary incision is hidden where the armpit and breast meet. The inframammary incision has been shown to have the fewest complications. 

Next, the implants will be placed in a subpectoral position (under the pectoral muscle) or a prepectoral position (above the pectoral muscle). While a subpectoral placement can minimize the visibility of implants and the risk of rippling, a prepectoral placement may be more fitting if a breast lift is involved as well. (3) All in all, every implant procedure depends on the patient’s body, preference, and desired results. Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and will need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years. 

Breast Fat Transfer

A breast fat transfer uses liposuction to harvest fat from areas other areas of the body, which is then used to plump the breasts. While under general or local anesthesia, small incisions will be made in the thighs, midsection, or buttocks. The fat that is extracted is purified before being reinjected into the breasts. Many women feel that fat transfer provides more natural-looking and natural-feeling results because it utilizes actual fat. They also appreciate that it doesn’t require future surgeries for maintenance

Breast Lift 

Even with the improvements you can expect from breast augmentation, sometimes, another procedure is needed to restore the shape of the breasts or simply to correct sagging. A breast lift or without augmentation can correct the positioning and size of the areolas as well as relocate the breast mound to a higher, more youthful position on the chest. 

While under general anesthesia, the surgeon will make incisions around the nipple-areola complex, and down to the underside of the breast.

After making the incisions, the surgeon will then remove unwanted fat tissue so that the breast can be tightened and raised to a higher position. 


Labiaplasties mostly improve the appearance of the labia minora and majora– the inner and outer lips of the vagina. Sometimes, one or both of these parts are oversized due to genetics, while other times, pregnancy and childbirth can increase their size. Undergoing a labiaplasty can reduce the discomfort of elongated labia, improve sex, and help you feel confident about this area.


In a vaginoplasty, the elasticity and strength of the vaginal canal are restored. While the patient is under general anesthesia, the surgeon will make small incisions in the vaginal canal and carefully pull the muscles inward to strengthen the core. The opening of the vagina is tightened as well. Although it doesn’t have cosmetic results, it serves to help women feel more sexual pleasure and improve the pelvic floor. 


For many women, surgical intervention can help you achieve your pre-pregnancy figure. If you are frustrated with the imperfections left by pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing, a customized mommy makeover can: 

  • Restore fullness to your breasts 
  • Lift breasts to their previous position
  • Flatten your midsection 
  • Shape and sculpt your buttocks and hips
  • Restore appearance and tightness to your vagina and labia 
  • Improve your body image 
  • Help you feel confident with your romantic partner 
  • Feel and look good in the fashion you like 

Recovery Process 

Recovery from a mommy makeover and the details of your post-operative care will depend on the procedures performed. You’ll be given instructions and support to ensure that you heal comfortably and as quick as possible. Aspects of recovery that our surgeons will go over include: diet, scar reduction, the amount of rest needed, infection prevention, and the appropriate time you can resume work and/or exercise. 

The results have been huge for my self-esteem and my self-image. I can now move my body in ways I couldn’t before with the loose skin I had after my weight loss. I love my body now. I love myself. Before I’d wear baggy clothes, and now I wear clothes that fit. For the first time in 20 years, I have a flat stomach. I’m so proud of the results. I do yoga, and my recovery was so easy, nothing like what I was expecting.

Happy Customer!

Personal Consultation

A personal consultation at Plastic Surgery Associates will allow you to voice your concerns, ask questions and determine the best course of action. If the idea of a mommy makeover appeals to you, call our location in Santa Rosa, CA at (707) 537-2111 or schedule your consultation online. We also offer several financing options to accommodate your budget. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Cost of a Mommy Makeover in Santa Rosa, CA 

The cost of your mommy makeover will depend on your treatment plan and the procedures being performed. Dr. Canales, Dr. Furnas, and Dr. Culbertson use their combined expertise to ensure they deliver quality care and honest answers to each patient. During a consultation, your needs will be thoroughly evaluated and we will estimate the cost. 


Does breast augmentation leave scars?

Breast implant incision lines tend to be barely noticeable due to their location around the nipple- they can be concealed by darker skin. Fat transfer scars tend to be more subtle due to their size and the fact that sutures are not required. By following proper recovery steps, scars can fade with time. 

Do breast lifts leave scars? 

Breast lift incisions tend to be more noticeable due to their placement. Both types of breast lift incisions leave scars, but they fade over time, and are easily concealed beneath bras or bikini tops. Scar massages, silicone gel sheets, certain laser treatments and scar creams are all treatments you can use to improve your results. 

Do mommy makeover procedures work for women who plan to have more children? 

Mommy makeovers are ideal for women who have finished having children and nursing. Additional pregnancies can reverse the results of mommy makeover procedures. 

Can breast augmentation interfere with breastfeeding? 

You can safely breastfeed after getting implants or a fat transfer procedure, though, it’s important to wait until you’re fully healed. Keep in mind that since many women lose weight when breastfeeding, it may interfere with the results of your breast augmentation. The best time for a procedure is after you’ve finished breastfeeding. 

Are the mommy makeover procedures completed all at once? 

Some mommy makeover procedures can be performed during the same appointment, but in other cases, multiple appointments are required to undergo multiple procedures. 


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