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Tighten up. As early adolescents, we all have excellent skin tone and great skin elasticity. As time, growth, weight fluctuation or pregnancies happen, the skin’s elastiicty suffers. The end result can be saggy, droopy skin.

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About Sagging Skin

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Some areas recover better after weight loss or pregnancy, but others remain droopy and hang even when patients are at an excellent body weight. Genetics play a role for some patients, while others lose elasticity when they gain or lose weight.

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How We Treat Sagging Skin

Mild cases of sagging skin may respond to some skin tightening non-surgical devices, but some more extreme cases require surgery.

We have a great array of medical-grade skincare products to help protect you against sun damage. Treatments like Hydrafacial, Geneo, IPL, and Clear and Brilliant are specifically designed to help remove sun damage that has accumulated over the years.


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Attain tighter tummies, thighs, arms or face

A variety of factors can result in a sagging that leaves behind loose and wrinkled skin. We understand it can be and frustrating — plastic surgery to remove the extra skin is usually the key to overcome this. If you are bothered by the stretched-out skin in your abdominal region, arm or thighs, plastic surgery by  Dr. Furnas or Dr. Canales in Santa Rosa, California can help you get the body you dream of. We invite you to call Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa for more information.