Undersized Chin

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Undersized Chin

Perfect your face. A strong chin and jawline is often associated with beauty, both in men and in women.

Whether it is Audrey Hepburn’s jawline or m Matthew McConaughey’s chin, that strong chin and jawline is a desired trait.

About Undersized Chin Treatments

Ear reshaping surgery

Some of us are born with a small chin, which can also be called a weak chin.

All of us have a sense of what a weak chin is, but it can be quantified better using something called Ricketts Esthetic line.  When a face is viewed in profile, a line drawn between the tip of the nose and the most forward point of the chin should be on the same plane as the most forward point of the lower lip. If the chin is behind that point, the medical condition is called micrognathia. Because beautyis about proportions, a small chin can also make a nose look larger.

How We Help

There are a number of ways to augment the chin, including chin implants, injectable fillers and fat augmentation.

Liposuction under the chin can also reduce the bulge and define the jawline so that it appears stronger.



What is a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation aims to increase the projection of the chin. Often a small silicone chin implant is the answer, as it can address both rhe projection and the height of the chin. It can also be accomplished with injectable fillers and fat injection. Moving the chin forward can also be accomploshed with braces and orthodontics is a complementary step if the teeth are out of alignment.

What are the reasons to get a chin augmentation?

A balance between the nose and the chin makes for an attractive face. A strong chin and jawline is often associated with beauty.

Can exercises help?

There are countless exercises peddled on the internet, promising a sronger chin. No exercises or gadgets have been proven to increase chin projection on a long-term basis.

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Redefine your profile

Chin augmentation creates harmony and balanced definition, delicately recontouring your facial structure and look. If you do not like the appearance of your jawline and you feel it is recessed or too prominent, chin augmentation can offer the look you are wishing for. We welcome you to call Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa and schedule your consultation to hear more about your cosmetic surgery options.