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Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy, is a highly sought-after cosmetic surgery procedure that effectively removes excess fat and helps contour the body. At Plastic Surgery Associates, we understand that sometimes diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve the desired body shape.

Despite how much you watch what you eat and exercise, you might still be bothered by stubborn pockets of fat that prevent you from achieving a body that you can be confident in. Luckily, we offer the most advanced methods of effectively eliminating fat from areas of concern on the body. 

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Dr. Francisco Canales, Dr. Heather Furnas, and Dr. Eric Culbertson offer world-class liposuction procedures at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa. Together they strive to provide life-changing cosmetic care in a safe and welcoming environment. 

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About Liposuction

Surgical liposuction is a body contouring procedure that reduces pockets of fat in the flanks, tummy, buttocks, and thighs to create a slimmer appearance. (1) A single liposuction procedure can treat multiple of these fat-storing areas.

Liposuction involves a surgeon making small incisions near the pockets of fat that will be removed. With a thin tube-like tool called a cannula, they will work through these incisions to break up the fat and prepare it for removal. Once the fat has been broken up, they use surgical suction through the cannula to remove the fat cells. (2) The amount of fat that they remove depends on your aesthetic goals and the shape of the contour that will work best for your body. 

Benefits of Liposuction

There are many benefits to receiving liposuction treatment. 

  • You will finally be rid of the fat that was so difficult to burn off naturally
  • You will have a slimmer, more attractive, and curvaceous silhouette
  • Your improved body will give you a more youthful appearance
  • The parts of your body that you are proud of will stand out more prominently without the visual distraction of excess fat
  • You will have increased self-confidence and a newfound level of self-esteem

Who is a Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is for men and women who are at an ideal weight but have troublesome areas of fat that are difficult to eliminate. You should have relatively good skin laxity, otherwise your skin will not be able to reform around the lower fat volume. It is possible to get tightening “lift” procedures to correct sagging skin after liposuction treatment. It is also important to know that liposuction is not a solution for weight loss. This procedure should be a finishing touch after diet and exercise have brought you close to your ideal weight. If you have plans to get pregnant in the future, know that this might affect your results. 

To be considered a good candidate for this surgery, you should be in relatively good health. Removing fat from the body requires more recovery than you might think, and your body needs to be able to heal properly if you want to benefit from the results of this procedure. You should also have realistic expectations about what liposuction can do for you. Removing excess fat can work wonders on your appearance, but this is not the only factor in achieving your beauty goals. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will always be the key to an attractive appearance. 

Personal Consultation


At your personal consultation, we can answer any questions you have about the liposuction procedure. We will ask you some questions about your medical history. We must understand your medical history so that we can determine if liposuction is a safe choice for you. We may run some tests to assess your current health, as well. You can show us the areas of your body that you want liposuction treatment, and we will examine them. We will discuss your beauty goals and we can create a personalized treatment plan to help you reach them. When the details have been worked out, we can tell you everything that you should expect in the days leading up to your procedure. To schedule your consultation to discuss liposuction, call (707) 537-2111 or fill out this form.


To prepare for your liposuction procedure, we will give you a personalized set of instructions. It will cater to your particular needs based on what we know about your health and medical history. It may involve stopping or starting certain medications. Be sure to follow these instructions closely, as they can be crucial to ensuring the success of your treatment and a healthy recovery. 

Before your procedure, you should forego the use of all blood-thinning medications to avoid excess bleeding during surgery. This includes anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, vitamin E, and certain herbal supplements. If you smoke tobacco products, we strongly recommend that you stop before your treatment. The health effects of smoking can cause complications during surgery and make it harder for your body to heal. Be sure to stay hydrated before and after your surgery. You should also arrange a ride to and from our facilities. 

Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. On the day of your procedure, we will administer local sedation or anesthesia, depending on factors we will have discussed beforehand. Your surgeon will begin by making a punch-hole incision through the skin so that a cannula may be inserted. The cannula is a special tool that makes it easier to break up the fatty tissue that will be vacuumed out. After the fatty deposits have been eliminated, we will seal the small incision. Based on the number of sections being treated, your procedure may take several hours. In a recovery room, your post-op nurse will assist you with managing any discomfort and look after your treated areas until you are discharged.


You may need to stay at home for recovery from liposuction surgery for several weeks based on the number of sections being treated and the amount of fat being removed. It is typical to experience bruising and swelling for one or two weeks. We will remove your stitches seven to ten days after surgery. The most important thing to do following any surgery is to give your body time to recover and heal. When you return to work, you should make sure to minimize stress and strenuous activity. To increase your strength and stamina, try walking and light workouts as recommended by our doctors. 


You will notice some improvements soon after your surgery, but it will take around six to ten months for the full results to reveal themselves. This is because it takes some time for swelling to go down and for your body’s natural contours to settle into their new shape. You will be amazed by the slimming effects of the liposuction procedure. 

The results of this procedure are permanent. Once fat cells have been removed, they do not grow back. However, the remaining fat cells can grow and shrink with changes in diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a steady weight will be crucial to upholding the results of your liposuction treatment. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Here at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa, we offer treatments that can correspond with and complement your liposuction procedure. 

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can address excess fat and sagging skin in the abdomen area. It is a cosmetic surgery that involves a surgeon removing excess fat, usually through liposuction, and making incisions to remove excess skin and tissue. This procedure can remove protruding and overhanging buildups of fat and skin to create a tighter and more toned body. If you have sagging skin and tissue around your abdomen in addition to excess pockets of fat, a tummy tuck might be a better option for you than liposuction alone. Tummy tucks can also help to address excess skin leftover from a previous liposuction procedure. 

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift can treat aesthetically undesirable thighs that have excess skin, fat, and tissue. When excess fat and skin buildup, it can create physical protrusions that sag and offset a naturally curvaceous figure. Skin can also sag as a result of significant weight loss. Thigh lifts involve a surgeon making incisions in the inner and outer parts of the upper thigh in order to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue. Thigh lifts may involve liposuction for fat removal. This procedure could help to further your beauty journey after your liposuction treatment, as well. 

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How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Santa Rosa?

The cost of liposuction varies depending on the technique selected and how many areas are being treated. In your consultation, we will consider your budget. When your plan is ready, we can discuss estimated costs. To make your surgery easier to afford, Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa takes several payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing. To learn more, call (707) 537-2111 or contact us online.


Is nonsurgical liposuction an option?

There are several nonsurgical procedures to reduce body fat. A popular brand is CoolSculpting. Although this nonsurgical procedure can help reduce mild to moderate fat pockets, surgical liposuction is best for most people. Liposuction surgery produces more dramatic and consistent results. 

Can liposuction treat loose skin?

Liposuction surgery only treats excess fat. For loose skin, we recommend combining liposuction with a lift surgery. Liposuction is often performed alongside skin tightening surgery, like a tummy tuck, thighplasty, or arm lift.

Does liposuction leave visible scars?

Since liposuction is an invasive surgery, incisions will be made and sutured. This will cause scars; however, your surgeon will do their best to reduce the appearance of scarring. This starts with making thin incisions in less visible areas or the natural folds of your body. After your surgery, we will teach you how to care for your incisions so they can heal properly and fade.

Is liposuction permanent?

Liposuction is technically permanent, though your cosmetic results are not guaranteed to last. Before liposuction, it is important to be prepared to maintain your results. Although liposuction permanently removes fat cells, you can still lose and gain weight. We suggest that you be at or close to a healthy weight before liposuction. Afterward, it’s best to remain within 5 – 10 pounds of your post-surgical weight. Getting pregnant after liposuction will also alter your results; however, it is possible to receive additional treatments, like the mommy makeover, to maintain your results.


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