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Rhinoplasty nose surgery

A rhinoplasty may help repair a functional or breathing issue in many patients.

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About Rhinoplasty

Dr. Francisco CanalesDr. Heather Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson are experienced plastic surgeons in Northern California who perform rhinoplasty surgery, taking a conservative approach to allow for the most soft and natural results. Although rhinoplasty consists of delicate changes, results tend to be quite dramatic. Cosmetic nose surgery at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa can be recommended to make a nose appear smaller in size or change a nose that is too large or wide. The objective is to allow for a more aesthetically appealing nose that meets your cosmetic desires and functions well. Get more information on rhinoplasty before you contact Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Ideal Candidates

cosmetic nose surgery

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Adults and teenagers over 16 years of age are candidates for cosmetic nose surgery in Northern California.

If you find yourself frustrated with the appearance of your nose and have distinct issues you hope to improve, enhance, or correct, this procedure may be the correct course of action. It’s very important that expectations are understood as your nose and facial profile will be altered. Furthermore, facial growth and maturity should also be complete. This will be addressed during your consultation, even more so for adolescents.

How It Works

Surgical Techniques

Rhinoplasty in Northern California

Learn more about how this procedure works. 

Our nose surgeries in Northern California are performed while the patient is under sedation, such as general anesthesia, and are mostly outpatient procedures. Rhinoplasty in Northern California offers different surgical methods, depending on your concerns and problems. Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson perform rhinoplasty using either an open or closed (endonasal) approach.

The objective during the procedure is to decrease or eliminate excess bone, cartilage, and tissue, or to build and increase cartilage if necessary for reconstruction. The nasal features are repositioned and the skin is draped over the newly structured framework. Stitches are positioned either on the inside portion of the nose or within the natural external fold.

What to Expect

Upon completion of your cosmetic nose surgery in Northern California, you will rest comfortably in the recovery area, and then recover at home.

After the Treatment

The nose and the surrounding area will be swollen, bruised, and sore for the first few days. In almost all patients, there is some discoloration beneath the eyes in addition to the nose. Consistently using cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medications can assist with these effects.


Your post-op check-up with Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson will be scheduled within the first several days after surgery to assess your healing progress. It takes around 2 – 4 weeks to look normal following nose surgery. Within this timeframe, strenuous exertion should be avoided.


How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty varies based on what technique is used and how complex your procedure is. Before estimating costs, we will listen to your concerns and goals to help develop your custom treatment plan. When this is done, we can discuss costs for the facility, anesthesia, and more. For your best results, it’s important to focus on selecting an experienced surgeon, like Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson, instead of the lowest cost. To help make your surgery easier to afford, Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa accepts several payment methods, and our office can help you find low-interest financing.

Are there nonsurgical options to change my nose?

If you want to smooth lumps and bumps on your nose, a wrinkle filler (like Restylane or Juvéderm) might be an option. A filler can temporarily improve minor imperfections, which might help you decide to get a rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is better for larger changes, long-lasting results, and to adjust the internal structure for better function. At your consultation, Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson can tell you more about nonsurgical nose reshaping.

What about ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is about improving the nose while still keeping your cultural identity. This is often a concern if you are African-American, Asian, or Middle Eastern. In your consultation with Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson, you can talk about what you want to keep and what you want to change. This will enable them to personalize your treatment plan to give you your best results.

Can I combine nose surgery with other facial surgeries?

Some patients think about combining rhinoplasty with another procedure, like cheek or chin augmentation. Having multiple surgeries for a dramatic result can be reviewed during your consultation with Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson. Once they understand your goals, they can help you choose which procedures will be in your custom plan. Rhinoplasty can help your whole face appear more balanced so you should wait to see your results before getting another procedure.

What’s the difference between mentoplasty and genioplasty?

Chin augmentation surgery, also called mentoplasty, is a procedure that builds fullness to your chin. On the other hand, genioplasty is a procedure to rebuild the chin bone. Based on the state of your chin, plus your cosmetic goals, you might require both surgeries or one. A genioplasty, in addition to being a cosmetic procedure, may also be performed to improve medical concerns, like your dental bite. Dr. CanalesDr. Furnas, or Dr. Culbertson can help you choose whether to get a genioplasty, mentoplasty, or both.

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Nose surgery in Northern California is a great option to address the distaste you might feel when looking in the mirror at your appearance. If you’re dissatisfied with the size and shape of your nose or if you suffer from breathing problems, nose surgery may help. Nose surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure with very high success rates. Our plastic surgeons in Northern California aim to improve your nose so your entire face appears more attractive with proportionate contours. Even minor adjustments can lead to an impressive difference. Schedule an appointment with our team of specialists to learn more about how we can help.