What to Expect at Your Surgical Consultation

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Our Consultation Process

Dr. Canales:
The first step in deciding whether to have surgery or not is to come in for a comprehensive in office consultation. At that time, we can ask what the patient's goals are and show them before and after photos, show them what realistic expectations are, and then decide whether this procedure is the right one for that patient. Sometimes patients come in thinking that they need one procedure, but after evaluating them and examining them, we come up with a different plan. The most important part is to have an individual plan for each patient, so there's no cookie cutter plan. Every patient gets their own recommendations.

Dr. Furnas:
One advantage we have as being Board Certified Plastic Surgeons is that we can offer the gamut as far as surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Some people will come in saying that they want a noninvasive procedure for say their tummy, but they have loose skin and no noninvasive procedure is going to improve that. We can offer a tummy tuck, we will review why we can do one procedure, but another won't meet their expectations. We fit and tailor the procedure so that we do whatever it takes to best achieve that patient's goals.