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Deidre's Story

You won’t find Spanx® in Deidre’s closet. Not anymore. “I love the fact that I don’t have to wear Spanx,” she said, referring to the “body shaping” undergarments worn by women and men to tighten and lift the flabbier parts of their anatomies.

A mommy makeover surgery performed by Dr. Francisco Canales restored Deidre’s body to the athletic shape she enjoyed before giving birth to two sons, now ages 3 and 18 months. The surgery also restored her self-confidence.

An athlete who completed a half-marathon race 10 weeks after her surgery, Deidre was frustrated by the stubborn flab she couldn’t get rid of regardless of how much she exercised. She had gained 60 pounds during her first pregnancy, then only 10 during the second. Her stretched skin never regained its shape. “No matter how hard I worked out, I couldn’t lose the extra skin that was left over from my pregnancies.”

Deidre traveled from her Healdsburg home in California’s Wine Country near Santa Rosa, for the mommy makeover – a breast enhancement and tummy tuck combination surgery.

Besides running, Deidre’s busy lifestyle includes a job that requires getting in and out of her car throughout the day and a lot of walking, plus chasing around her two boys. On the weekends, she plays in a women’s soccer league.

Deidre admitted she used to think that plastic surgery was only for people who wanted a quick fix, or for those whose skin and body were showing the inevitable signs of age. She said the perception that “surgery is the easy way out” for people who don’t exercise enough couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Keeping Her Promise

Deidre promised herself that she would get plastic surgery after she and her husband decided they were finished having children. “It would be my treat to myself to get my body back to the way it was before pregnancy. Having kids just changes your body in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Her decision to have Dr. Canales perform the surgery stemmed from her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She had confided her thoughts about having plastic surgery to a cardiologist she knew from her sales rounds. One of the heart surgeon’s patients had suffered serious burns and underwent cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Canales. “He had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Canales,” recalled Deidre. “That means a lot, when a cardiologist is recommending a plastic surgeon.”

The consultation with Dr. Canales and her interaction with the staff at Plastic Surgery Associates confirmed she had found the right practice, said Deidre. “It was absolutely great,” she said of her first visit to the office in Santa Rosa. “Dr. Canales made me feel very comfortable. He never had anything but my best interests in mind. He was very professional, very cautious.” His deliberate nature surfaced during their discussion about whether Deidre would include a breast augmentation as part of her breast lift. A lift improves the breasts’ shape, without adding volume. She said after showing her a number of photos of patients with similar builds, Dr. Canales counseled against having the breast augmentation. It was the right decision, said Deidre, although she’s still considering undergoing breast augmentation in the future.

Back on Track

Her recovery from the mommy makeover, said Deidre, was even better than she expected. “I had the surgery on a Thursday, and was back to work on Monday. I was even able to lift my children into their car seats.” Following doctor’s orders, she refrained from strenuous exercise for 6 weeks. That meant she only had 4 weeks to put in the miles before running the half-marathon, which is a race of approximately 13 miles.

“People have complimented me on how fast I bounced back from pregnancy,” said Deidre. “I worked hard, but having the surgery made such a difference as far as my self-confidence and having a positive body image.”

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