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Small, Undeveloped, or Deflated Breasts

Small, Undeveloped, or Deflated Breasts

If you’re suffering from small breasts, we can help.

Whether you were born with small breasts that never developed or you lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, small breasts create a number of concerns: it is more difficult to find bathing suits, bras and clothes that fit well. Sometimes small breasts give the appearance that someone is “bottom heavy.”

About Small Breast Treatments

Learn more about our small breast treatment in Northern California.

There is no “normal” breast size.  Medical books have called small breasts micromastia or mammary hypoplasia. But small breasts are a normal variant, just like very large breasts are too (macromastia).  In our Sonoma and Marin County, CA practices we see many women who feel “like a 12 year-old boy” because they never developed and we also see women who say that their kids “sucked the life out of their breasts.”  Either way, there are ways that we can help.

How We Help

Here’s how we treat small breasts.

The most common way to treat deflated breasts or small breasts is with a breast implant. Breast implants have come a long way in the past 20 years. In general, there are saline (salt water) filled implants and silicone gel (sometimes called gummy bear implants. The vast majority of our patients choose silicone implants because they feel more natural. These implants can be placed above the muscle or below the muscle.  The final placement is a personal choice and the patient can make that decision after a thorough consultation with Dr. Furnas or Dr. Canales.

One other method to augment breast size is to use fat grafting, a procedure where fat is taken from the abdomen or thighs and inserted into the breast tissue.  There are limitations as to how big a person can go just using fat, and sometimes it requires more than one session to achieve the desired size.  Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales can review the pros and cons of fat grafting in our Santa rosa and Novato offices.

From Our Clients

The results are exactly what I wanted them to be. The staff was amazing and answered any questions I had, and I had a ton. I always felt 100% comfortable and never pressured in anyway. I had a labiaplasty and breast aug. I do love my breast but I have to say that the labiaplasty changed my life! I feel more confident.

Happy Customer

Breast Augmentation

Outstanding staff. Absolutely loved dr Furnas. Great communication, great environment and atmosphere I can sit more comfortable. Easier to keep clean, also sex life is more comfortable.

Happy Customer


My experience with PSA was wonderful. The staff is warm and inviting. And they all strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The office is clean and well kept as well. When i went to Dr. Furnas i was a little nervous due to the type of procedure i was having. I first saw her for labiaplasty, now if you know what labiaplasty is I’m sure you can see why i was nervous and a little embarrassed. But in my case i was to uncomfortable in that area not to see someone about it. Looking back on it now i really wish i had met and saw Dr. Furnas sooner. She made me feel safe and comfortable. And after the procedure was done i absolutely loved my results. i was able to finally be active comfortably. I had also undergone breast augmentation by Dr. furnas and was pleasantly please on the results of that as well. She is very professional and a true artist. i highly Recommend her.


Doctor Canales has absolutely changed my life with the work he has done! I couldn’t be more elated with my breast augmentation. I had it done one month ago and the implants are sitting so beautifully. I would recommend Plastic Surgery Associates to anyone and everyone who is looking to have their body improved. The healing process was amazingly quick and so incredibly tolerable. Thank you Dr. Canales and Plastic Surgery Associates!


Excelente persona ,atención ,y los mejores doctores felicidades ❤️❤️


 I am 48 years old and breast fed both my children for 24 months. I am also a runner and all I can say is that my breasts looked awful. I contacted Plastic Surgery Associates about a breast aug and from start to finish they were so professional and soothing to me. My breasts are incredible and to be honest….. I did not feel much pain after surgery. I have healed fast and now I am running again and feeling more fit than ever.

Happy Customer

I can’t say enough nice things about my experience at PSA of Santa Rosa. I have wanted to have a breast reduction since my early 20’s, but was nervous about having the surgery. I’m now 55 and decided I was ready to do it! I heard great things about PSA of SR and since this was my very first surgery I called for a consult. Everybody in the office was so nice and made me feel comfortable at every visit. I was very nervous the day of surgery, but the staff and Dr. Furnas were wonderful. The surgery went well and my recovery has been awesome! I thought for sure I would have to take pain pills after surgery but I never had to take a single one! And I am very happy with my breast reduction/lift results! I would highly recommend Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa


 I had a full tummy tuck done with Dr Conales, if I could give more stars, I would. He and the entire team was so nice and kind from beginning to end. I’m almost 3 months post op and my results are incredible. Thank you guys so much!


I have been wanting to leave a review for a while now. PSA did my breast implants about 7 years ago now…. And I LOVE them! And so does everyone else. I decided on getting implants after my niece did. Hers too look awesome! I could not be happier. People don’t know i had implants until I tell them. That is how natural they look. I remember when I first got them how happy I was to fit in clothes and have a perfectly proportioned body. The surgery and after care went well. I have no regrets and I recommend PSA without a doubt they are the BEST!


After getting referred to Doctors Furnace and Canales by a friend who’d also had her procedure completed by this dynamic duo, I underwent my consultation and subsequent breast augmentation with the Plastic Surgery Associates, and couldn’t be happier. Their staff is always kind and energetic, the office pristine and welcoming, and the service fabulous. At first I was apprehensive about undergoing plastic surgery, but the team made me feel very comfortable in making my decision, and guided me through every step of this exciting, life changing journey. My friends and family say that my results far surpass fantastic, and if they didn’t know my breast size prior to the surgery, they would never be able to tell they were implants. Very natural looking results, and the scars are hardly even noticeable, (maybe two inch incisions under each breast). If I had to do it all over again, I would not change anything! I plan on returning to the Plastic Surgery Associates for any future procedures. They also operate an array of spa services that I will more than likely look into as well.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice to anyone even considering breast enhancement/augmentation. I’ve never looked or felt better, and I encourage all women to strive for the same!


Can creams or supplements increase breast size?

Many potions are marketed on the internet to increase breast size. None have been shown to be useful, so don’t fall for the “snake oil” salesmen hawking their wares online.

What is the ideal breast size?

We are conditioned by marketing social media and television to think that a “full C cup” is ideal. However, a full C cup means absolutely nothing, as cup size varies with whatever store you happen to purchase a bra from. A Victoria’s Secret 34 C maybe a Macy’s B cup.  Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales will help you decide what size implant fits your body and goals best.

Can a woman breastfeed after breast implants?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes! There are many women who cannot breast feed even when they don’t have breast implants, so no one knows for sure. But our patients uniformly report little or no difficulty breastfeeding after implants.

Do you need to replace your implants after 10 years?

No; this misleading assumption was largely based on an FDA report that noted 1 in 5 women needed a replacement or revision after 10 years. Replacement or revision may be necessary to alleviate severe degrees of capsular contracture or to address rupture or deflation—which only affect about 3% of patients. Many revisions are elective—some women want to adjust their breast size or seek further refinements as they age or to accommodate their lifestyle. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon will ensure long-lasting breast augmentation results. With proper monitoring (self-exams and physician exams) you can enjoy your breast implants far beyond a decade.

Get the Breasts You’ve Always Wanted

Dr. Furnas And Dr. Canales can  help you achieve your goals. Give Plastic Surgery associates a call and get started in the journey you have been dreaming of.  Don’t let another summer go by without the figure you have wanted.

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