Lip Lifts: Something to Smile About

When it comes to the desire for plump lips, lip injections have been the top procedure, providing an option that is both mainstream and affordable. Achieving lips you will feel confident about has never been easier, thanks to the popularity of lip injections as the go-to procedure to easily enhance your lips.

While lip injections are suitable for a short-term option with little to no downtime, lip lifts are quickly emerging as the hidden secret to shapelier lips that last. Lip injections are a great option for a cheaper, quicker fix, but they typically last about 6-9 months. For some, repeated injections can become burdensome, especially if bruising and swelling occur each time. Cue lip lifts, which Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales offer for a more permanent and consistent option to plump your pout.

Lip lifts originally started as a common surgery done in conjunction with face lifts for older patients. Lip lifts appealed to older patients as the procedure addresses depleted lip volume and lips that have elongated with time. As we age, diminishing collagen and loss of elasticity contribute to a longer distance between the nose and lips, and we lose some of the appealing curving of our lips. Lift lifts elegantly change our lips back to a more youthful, plump, and curvaceous shape.

Recently lip lifts have gained traction amongst younger patients who want to address lip volume and shape, or desire more definition in their Cupid’s Bow (the double curve of the upper lip). Plastic surgeons have now refined lip lifts into a quick and easy stand-alone option: say hello to less recovery time and more lip.

Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales offer two main lip lift procedures to choose from: the Sub-Nasal and the Corner lip lift, with the Sub-Nasal being the most common. The Sub-Nasal removes part of the skin between the nose and the lip. This results in a shortening of the space between the end of the nose and the lips, exposing more of the lip and leaving defined curves and fuller lips. This gives patients a more youthful aesthetic, since youthful lips tend to be plump and short. The Corner Lip Lift is performed with a small, wedge-like incision near the corners of the mouth. This lifts the corners of the mouth, improving facial aesthetics.

The surgery itself typically takes about an hour, varies in cost between $3,000 and $5,000, and is performed under local anesthesia. Any swelling, redness, and bruising will usually disappear between 5-7 days, and most patients will return to work within a week.

Wondering if a lip lift is for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Furnas or Dr. Canales, who have been providing patients something to smile about for over 25 years. During the appointment, Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales will discuss the goals for your appearance and will create a personalized treatment plan. After all, beauty begins with you – enhancement begins with us.

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