January 2022 Newsletter

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Meet Lori Ricci, Marketing Director!

The best thing about working for PSA/AMS is…

The best thing about working at PSA is being part of an amazing team. We support each other both professionally and personally. Working together with a common goal and lifting each other up is truly inspiring.

The biggest influence on me has been…

My best friend in High School. Her family put a high emphasis on education and she was always expected to go to college. Since my family never spoke of it, college seemed to not

be an option. Once I realized the possibility of furthering my education, I became determined and put myself through college. Mary and her family lit a light of opportunity. The importance of education is something my children have always heard from me. I never said “if” you go to college, I always said “when”.

My favorite procedure/treatment is… (This can be one you like to perform or one you yourself have had.)

I am a huge fan of medical grade skin care. Personally, my skin has changed under the guidance of our aestheticians. Having a morning and night routine (that I never defer from), fraxel laser and regular neuromodulator treatment (Botox) has completely changed my skin.

The thing I like best about Sonoma County is…

I was born and raised in Southern California but when I met my husband, who has deep family roots in Marin and Sonoma Counties we decided to raise our family here. We knew that his large extended family and the way of life in Sonoma County was the best for our children. The beauty that surrounds us coupled with farm fresh foods and amazing wines just can’t be beat!

My hidden talent is…

I am very creative. I sew, knit, crochet, refurbish furniture and love to redecorate. Together with my husband we have almost renovated our home from top to bottom. We have created a beautiful home that is rich with family history.

The most surprising thing most people don’t know about me is…

I have family on Catalina Island. My Mother was born and raised in Catalina. My grandfather was also born on the island. Some of my best memories are spending summers with my cousins in Avalon.

The favorite dish to prepare is… (Describe it and anything special or significant about it.)

We have an agreement in our house about who prepares dinner. The first one home from work is the winner! (or loser!) For years I was always the loser (winner), and so lucky because my husband is a culinary expert, especially Italian cuisine. As our children have gotten older they have learned their way around the kitchen too. We love when our daughter Gianna is home from college because she consistently surprises us with delicious meals.

As a family we make gnocchi, ravioli and pasta on Nonna’s pasta table. Keeping family traditions and recipes is important to pass down for generations to come.


Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and cellulite!

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With Allegro Medspa’s suite of non-invasive body sculpting treatments, you’ll be showing off a trimmer figure in no time! We customize all treatments to suit your specific needs and goals.

Concerns we can address with non-surgical body sculpting include:

Stubborn areas of exercise-resistant fat
Lack of muscle tone
Moderate to severe cellulite

Depending on which body sculpting option we choose, potential benefits also include:

Tighter skin
Boosted collagen production

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Trim Stubborn Fat Without Incisions!

The future is now for non-invasive body sculpting options! Eliminate fat, build muscle, or both.

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How Much Does Body Sculpting Cost?

A professional consultation with the experts at our office is your best bet if you want an accurate idea of what body sculpting treatments would cost you.

Discover why cost varies

Is Body Sculpting Safe?

You can absolutely trust in the safety of any procedure performed at Allegro Medspa. The body sculpting treatments we utilize are proven safe and effective.

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If you are looking for a more dramatic result and are open to surgery, exercise- and diet-resistant fat is no match for lipo!

Find More Information on Liposuction

What Makes Lipo the Gold Standard of Body Sculpting?

We love our effective, non-invasive body sculpting treatments at Allegro Medspa, but there are a variety of reasons someone would prefer to opt for liposuction. If you want to see dramatic results immediately, liposuction is the answer! Patients are amazed by their slimmer contours.

Keep reading about liposuction

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

There is no blanket answer for how much liposuction costs. Your total costs will depend on where your surgery is performed, what area(s) we treat, and whether or not anesthesia is needed.

Learn more about liposuction costs

Where is Liposuction Effective?

Where isn’t liposuction effective?! Like most body sculpting techniques, lipo works best on candidates who are close to their ideal weight. We use liposuction to sculpt slimmer arms, legs, waists, hips, butts, faces, necks and, of course, stomachs.

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