How to Get The Most Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results

For some time, Santa Rosa plastic surgery patients have shied away from dramatic boosts to their bustline and have opted for more natural-looking breast augmentation. A conservative approach to breast augmentation achieves improved contours without inhibiting an active lifestyle or drawing unwanted attention. A natural breast appearance also ages well and patients continue to enjoy their results even as bustline trends come and go.

Here, our board-certified Santa Rosa plastic surgeons offer procedure personalization guidelines to follow to help you achieve beautiful breast augmentation results.

Choose a proportionate implant size

Natural-looking breast augmentation results may not be achieved simply by choosing a smaller implant. An implant that is too small may not complement your natural curves while an implant that is too large for your frame will look unnatural. There are multiple factors that influence the apparent size increase an implant will provide, including:

  • Implant profile—the profile describes the amount of outward projection the implant provides; options include low, medium, and high profiles. While it may seem low profile breast implants would always provide the most natural result, this isn’t always the case: listen to your plastic surgeon’s recommendations as to which profile will most naturally complement your anatomy.
  • Implant shape—a round implant is the most commonly used shape; these breast implants can look very natural when properly sized and placed as your existing breast tissue will soften the roundness and result in an overall natural shape. Teardrop shaped implants are also available; these mimic natural breast shapes with greater fullness in the bottom portion of the breast and may be recommended for certain patients, especially those with minimal breast tissue.
  • Your natural breast tissue and anatomy—this is the most important factor to consider: your plastic surgeon should carefully examine your anatomy in order to recommend breast implants that are appropriately sized for your breast base (which can range from narrow to wide) and achieve a volume boost that will look appropriately natural. Careful individual planning will also help your surgeon improve breast symmetry and correct conditions such as tuberous breasts.

In sum, getting a natural result is not about a certain go-to formula: the right implants for a natural-looking breast augmentation can only be determined with the help of an attentive plastic surgeon who will consider your unique proportions before recommending a range of implant options.

For a natural feel, consider the breast implant type

There are two types of FDA approved breast implants available on the market: saline and silicone. Both implant types can safely achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results but each has its own unique attributes that will influence how natural your results will feel.

Saline implants have a silicone outer shell that is filled with saline (sterile salt water) after being placed in the breast cavity, which allows for a smaller incision or alternate incision sites. Saline implants may show rippling which can be minimized by slightly overfilling the implant. Patients are likely to notice a firmer look and feel with saline implants; they are also somewhat heavier.

Silicone implants have a silicone outer shell that is pre-filled with a cohesive silicone gel. While this type of implant requires a longer incision, silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue and are less prone to visible rippling. Most women seeking the most natural-feeling breast augmentation results choose silicone implants; when you compare the feel of a saline and silicone implant in a breast augmentation consultation, you may find the difference remarkable.

Understand breast implant placement

Breast implants can be inserted in either a subglandular (over the muscle) or submuscular (under the muscle) placement. This choice will play a significant role in your breast augmentation results.

Breast implant placement graphic courtesy of Mayo Clinic
Photo: Mayo Clinic

Subglandular placement may be recommended for achieving natural-looking breast augmentation results in patients who regularly engage in weight lifting and upper body-oriented athletics as it preserves the normal anatomy and function of the chest muscle. Under the muscle placement in this type of patient avoids breast deformities and implant displacement when the pectoral muscle is flexed.

Submuscular placement is generally agreed to achieve more natural-looking results in typical patients as it creates a more seamless transition from the chest wall to the implant and the additional tissue further disguises the implant. This placement can also reduce the chance of capsular contracture—the hardening of scar tissue around the implant—for a more natural-looking result.

Consider complementary treatments and procedures

Including other procedures in your Santa Rosa breast augmentation surgery plan helps achieve more natural-looking results by balancing the proportions of your frame.

  • Breast lift can be combined with placement of implants; the procedure reshapes the breast by removing excess skin and tightening remaining tissues to achieve a lifted, youthful appearance. A breast lift is often key to achieving natural-looking breast augmentation results, especially for patients who have had children or experienced significant weight loss.
  • Liposuction of small fat deposits at the front of the underarm or along the bra line can provide lovely refinement and smoother breast augmentation results. Liposuction can also be used to fine-tune your overall body contours for a more proportionate look.
  • Tummy tuck can help you create an hourglass shape when paired with breast augmentation; the procedure repairs stretched abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) and removes excess skin, revealing a slimmer, more defined abdominal contour.

Many patients combine some or all of these procedures as part of a personalized mommy makeover.

Choose your plastic surgeon wisely

Achieving natural-looking breast augmentation in Santa Rosa requires a board-certified plastic surgeon with a keen eye for aesthetics and a thorough knowledge of anatomy. We recommend vetting before and after photos to confirm any surgeon you are considering has experience achieving natural-looking results for patients with similar anatomy as you. That said, it is equally important to feel comfortable with your surgeon; being able to freely communicate your goals and concerns will reduce anxiety, help you enjoy a smoother recovery, and ultimately achieve your desired results.

Schedule your breast augmentation consultation in Santa Rosa

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