Lasting Results for a Fuller Bottom with BBL in Santa Rosa

A surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. It continues to be in widespread demand among both women and men. With years of training, experience, and learned skill, plastic surgeons Drs. Canales, Culbertson, and Furnas can craft gorgeous, natural-looking results with a Brazilian butt lift in Santa Rosa. But how long does a BBL last? 

As a fat transfer to the buttocks, this procedure is an effective way to achieve rounder and shapelier buttocks without an implant. Significant weight loss, aging, gravity, as well as hereditary characteristics can lead to a rear end you’re not happy with, but you don’t have to live with it. BBL surgery gives results that last for years.

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Does a fat transfer last forever?

Although a small amount of fat might be reabsorbed after your Brazilian butt lift, the majority of the fat will stay in your buttocks for many years. To keep your results, you need to maintain a steady weight, as major weight loss or gain can alter the results of your Brazilian butt lift. That’s why Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, and Dr. Furnas highly recommend you achieve a healthy weight prior to your BBL so it’s easier for you to stay fit. 

The reason the results last so long is because the procedure uses your own fat rather than an artificial filler. Your body accepts its own fat better than it accepts other substances, so you can enjoy year after year of a fuller, rounder bottom.

If you have adequate body fat and want to attain an enhanced fullness to your buttocks and are seeking a natural alternative to implants, we welcome you to contact Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa, CA to make an appointment with Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, or Dr. Furnas.

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