Look the Way You Feel with Facelift Surgery in Santa Rosa

Nothing creates a more dramatically youthful appearance than facelift surgery. Plastic Surgery Associates surgeons Drs. Francisco Canales and Heather Furnas perform a full spectrum of facial surgical treatments for patients across Northern California.

Facelift surgery in Santa Rosa focuses on distinct areas to tighten loose or hanging facial skin, creating a more taut, yet softer appearance. The overall goal is to produce a natural appearance that’s gorgeous, subtle, and still striking. Often, patients combine a facelift with an eyelid lift, brow lift, lip lift, or all of the above!

Facelift surgery: The same you, just younger

Based upon your concerns and goals for surgery, a facelift in Northern California can focus on the lines and wrinkles near the eyes, the mid-face area and cheeks, the bottom two-thirds— including the mouth, jowls, neck—and more for an all-encompassing younger look.

The facelift technique used depends on your desired outcome, the health and condition of your skin, the degree of skin laxity, your lifestyle, age, and anatomy. Some older individuals with skin laxity may need a full facelift, while others may only be ready for a mid-facelift. Dr. Canales and Dr. Furnas are highly trained and experienced surgeons who understand the complexity and delicate anatomy of a facelift procedure. 

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery in Santa Rosa

Men and women who are suitable for facelift surgery have drooping skin, lines, and wrinkles on the face—whether it be the face as a whole or on the upper, mid, or lower face.

A facelift can target one or multiple areas, depending on your unique goals and desired outcome. It’s important to note that age doesn’t always define the time in life to have cosmetic facial surgery. There are countless aspects and factors, and also numerous lift techniques, depending on the cosmetic concerns of the patient. The lifting technique chosen differs for patients who are between 30 and 40 years old vs. older patients in their 60s or 70s. Skin condition is one of the key elements in the decision-making process. Patients should be physically healthy and a nonsmoker, and also have realistic expectations.

Understanding the anatomy of the face

The areas we target with different types of facelift surgeries in Santa Rosa are the upper face, the mid-face, and the lower face

The upper face contains the forehead, eyes, and temples. Mid-face begins just at the lower eyelid and contains the nose, cheeks, and ears. The lower face consists of the lips, chin, and jaws. Understanding the areas of the face helps with understanding the types of facelifts 

Surgical technique for facelifts

No matter the issue you wish to correct, there are various levels of facelifts to think about. Some facelifts address the upper area of the face, and others focus on the lower two-thirds. In addition, some methods are a bit more invasive than others. It’s very common for some patients to have an eyelid lift, brow lift, or BOTOX and fillers to complement and enhance their final results. Some of the more popular facelift options include:

Full Facelift

A common surgery for older adults, the full or “traditional” facelift most often makes an incision close to the hairline, extending down to the area near the temples, stopping near the base of the ears. The deeper layer of facial muscles is carefully stretched and safely tightened to create a lifted outcome, which reduces excessive loose skin and droopy features. This facelift is used for individuals who have visible signs of aggressive aging. During a full facelift, various methods may be used, including blepharoplasty to address the eyes or neck reduction for the lower region.


With a similar approach to the mini facelift, the surgery known as a mid-facelift addresses the hollow and lax areas close to the cheekbones, as well as the upper jaw. The mid-facelift works well for those who hope to attain improvement in the middle to lower region of the face, which also improves the look of the jowls.

Lower Facelift

This lift corrects the chin area, neck, and sometimes the jowls. We place a small incision beginning in front of the ear and extending down and behind the ear. 

Mini Facelift

When performing a mini facelift, we place a thin, small incision near the ears to lift the skin to a higher position, which enhances the mouth, jawline, and jowls. This process creates nice and subtle enhancements that look beautiful and natural.

What to expect with your facelift in Northern California. 

During the procedure

The type of facelift we perform on you will determine exactly what happens during the procedure. The methods are described in the section above.

After the treatment

Following your procedure, we will monitor your health until you can be safely released to be taken home by a friend or family member. Prior to your procedure, we will schedule your follow-up visits and go over suggestions to help you feel more comfortable during your recovery.

Side effects

It’s normal to have bruising and swelling, slight to moderate pain, and soreness, which may be reduced by pain medication.


You should feel and physically look better after several weeks. You can expect a more glowing look with fewer lines and sagging. Overall, your face will appear lifted and look much younger while still looking like you.  

Cost of a facelift surgery in Santa Rosa

The cost of your facelift will depend on the technique used in addition to other factors. In your consultation, our plastic surgeons will create your unique treatment plan to match your needs and goals. When this is complete, we can go over estimates of fees. In general a facelift costs anywhere from $16,000-$20,000. To avoid unnatural-looking results, it’s better to concentrate on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas, instead of the lowest price. Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa can give you information on low-interest financing that will make your facelift affordable.

Which facelift technique is best for me?

The best technique for you will vary based on your concerns, goals, level of skin laxity, what areas are being addressed, and other factors. To produce your best results, we will go over the different techniques in your consultation and help you choose which technique is best.

Should I get a surgical or nonsurgical facelift?

Although there are several great noninvasive skin tightening treatments, these can only give you small improvements. For moderate to severe skin sagging, facelift surgery is the best choice to improve your appearance. In your consultation, we will discuss your options, including nonsurgical procedures, to help you select which is best for your goals.

Will my facelift results look natural?

Some patients worry that a facelift will make their skin look shiny, overly tight, or like they are in a wind tunnel. Dr. Canales and Dr. Furnas focus on giving you results that look natural so you appear refreshed, not fake. They listen to your concerns and goals before creating your custom treatment plan to produce your best results.

Eyelid surgery: Facelift’s perfect partner

A person’s eyes are a beautiful facial feature that deserve to be visible, but sometimes an excess of skin around the eyes can produce a tired and unflattering facial appearance.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, in Santa Rosa can be performed alone or in conjunction with a facelift to reduce excess skin and rejuvenate the lower or upper eyelid, creating a more “alert” look.

Many men and women receive eyelid surgery at Plastic Surgery Associates in Northern California to eliminate saggy eyelids, leading to improved functionality and facial appearance. Blepharoplasty, whether lower or upper, creates a more awakened appearance and can give you natural yet noticeable improvements. If you have hanging skin that folds over on the upper eyelid or bulging bags under the eyes, blepharoplasty can treat this and provide you with a more youthful appearance.

How is eyelid surgery performed?

Depending on the type and complex nature of the eyelid surgery, some form of anesthesia will be provided. This treatment may be done on the top eyelid by itself, under or on the bottom eyelid, or on a blend of both eyelids.


Upper eyelid surgery assists in decreasing the folds of skin that impair vision to produce a more awakened and appealing look. The incision point is often placed along the lid crease to excise loose skin and fatty tissue.


Eyelid correction on the lower lid is performed to improve puffy and bulging skin beneath the lower lid. In most cases, an incision is carefully made along the lash line to surgically remove tissue and fat, and the skin is subtly lifted to allow for a softer, flatter look. Sometimes a nonsurgical laser procedure may be incorporated to help with discoloration while fillers can be used for more smoothness and softening if desired.

What to expect when you get an eyelid lift in Northern California

Blepharoplasty can take up to two hours depending on whether both eyes or one is treated. After this outpatient surgery, you should plan for about a week of recovery and rest at home. A cold compress can assist in reducing discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

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