Achieve Your Ideal Look: Breast Augmentation Near You in Northern California

Breast augmentation, breast implants, boob jobs—everyone knows what it means. Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular and successful plastic surgery procedures for decades. Find the most skilled surgeons for breast augmentation near you at Plastic Surgery Associates in Sonoma and Marin counties. 

Read on for our guide to breast augmentation and how we can help you achieve your ideal look.

Breast augmentation requires careful consideration

The decision to go through with breast augmentation is personal. If you are thinking about having this procedure, it is essential you do it for yourself and no one else. Getting breast implants will not entirely change your life, but it can make you feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. 

The process of deciding to get breast implants, and then choosing which type, size, and shape can feel overwhelming. Our surgeons, Drs. Culbertson, Canales, and Furnas, are here to guide you on this journey with compassion and honesty. 

More than just “bigger”

The idea of breast augmentation is, as the name suggests, to increase the size of breasts. But many of our patients seek to improve asymmetry, underdeveloped breasts, or breasts that have changed after pregnancy and nursing.

The transformations our surgeons perform do so much more than just increase the size of our patients’ breasts. We’re increasing their confidence! 

When you have your consultation at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa, we will assess your aesthetic desires and concerns. We will also inform you of all of the choices available while also customizing a treatment plan to exceed your personal goals.

Types of breast implants

During your initial consultation, we will help you select the appropriate implant based on your body size and shape, as well as your desired outcome.

Implants for augmentation come in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures—we will carefully consider each with you as we discuss your goals. Implants are either silicone or saline. Both are widely popular and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Which implant type should I choose?

Most patients who get implants get silicone. Silicone breast implants can be cohesive silicone gel or a denser, teardrop-shaped silicone implant called a gummy bear implant. They are popular because they hold their shape, come in several styles, feel the most natural, and come with less of a risk of rippling. 

Drawbacks of silicone implants are that you must be 22 or older to receive them, it’s hard to detect a rupture, and they are only available in predetermined sizes.

Saline implants are composed of a silicone shell that is filled with sterile salt water. The surgeon inserts the deflated shell into place and then fills it to your desired size. These are popular because they require small incisions, it’s easy to detect ruptures, we can customize sizing (ideal for asymmetrical breasts), and they’re available to patients 18 or older.

Drawbacks of saline implants include the fact that they may be less natural to the touch, there is a higher risk of rippling, and there is a slightly higher risk of scar tissue forming around the implant, causing pain. 

Variables in breast implants

Size of implants

Breast implant size is distinguished based on the cubic centimeters (CCs) of saline or silicone used. To choose the right volume, we will measure how much native breast tissue exists and the size you hope to achieve. As we mentioned, we insert empty saline implants and fill them to the desired size, whereas silicone implants come in predetermined sizes.

Shape of implants

Implants come in either a teardrop or round shape. Both of these shapes are used; however, most of our patients choose a round implant. It generally looks and feels more natural, while adding fullness to the top of the breast that many patients look for.

Profile of implants

Implant profile is how far out the implant projects from the rib cage. In other words, this is what is visible from the side profile. Most projections include low to extra high ranges.

What to expect for your breast augmentation near you

Incision placement, as well as implant location, are decisions that are generally made ahead of surgery.

During breast augmentation, the surgeon makes the incision, then places the appropriate breast implant into its position. Breast implants can be placed either under the pectoral muscle, or behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle. Where to insert the breast implant depends on varying factors, including the overall type and size of the implant, along with the expertise of our plastic surgeons. No matter where we place the incision, scarring is usually minimal. Placement and location are based upon your implant size, activity level, and body type.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia, so you will need someone to drive you to and from our surgical facility.

Our technique is known as Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation. This allows us to minimize any swelling or bruising for a slightly more comfortable experience. Following the incision, the chosen implant will be moved through the incision opening and placed into a surgically created pocket using a no-touch technique with a Keller Funnel. The implant is then secured into its correct position. Once the implant is in position, we carefully suture the incision with dissolvable stitches.

After the surgery

We will take each patient to a private recovery space and monitor them before release. You will be instructed to continue wearing a recovery compression garment and, around 48 hours later, a bra to help reduce swelling. 

Several days after surgery, any bruising and swelling will begin to slowly go away, and the breasts will start to look and feel normal as they fall into their new position. Most patients can engage in everyday light activities within 7-14 days; however, you should delay physical exertion, such as exercise, for approximately 6 weeks.

Follow-up appointments

We will make follow-up appointments at our Santa Rosa, California office so we can evaluate your healing and results. Your recovery will be different depending on the amount of fat that is taken and grafted, but you need to plan to spend a couple of weeks resting and healing after your breast augmentation.

Results of your surgery

Breast augmentation surgery generally results in excellent outcomes that feel and appear both normal and natural. If there is any asymmetry after the procedure, it can be corrected early. We want you to be entirely happy with your results!

Schedule breast augmentation near you with Drs. Culbertson, Canales, and Furnas today!

Almost universally, our patients say they have more self confidence and wish they had gotten breast augmentation sooner! To learn more, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Santa Rosa, California facility to determine if you qualify for breast augmentation surgery. 

Our aesthetic team at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa takes great pride in helping our patients feel confident in the results of their procedures. 

We are here to help fulfill your plastic surgery needs. Give us a call at (707) 537.2111 or get started with a virtual consultation.

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