Balance Your Contours with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Santa Rosa

A procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. It continues to be in widespread demand among both women and men. Surgeons need an artistic eye and steady hand to perfect this body contouring surgery. With years of training, experience, and learned skill, plastic surgeons Drs. Canales, Culbertson, and Furnas can craft gorgeous, natural-looking results with a Brazilian butt lift in Santa Rosa.

As a fat transfer to the buttocks, this procedure is an effective way to achieve rounder and shapelier buttocks without an implant. Significant weight loss, aging, gravity, as well as hereditary characteristics can lead to a rear end you’re not happy with, but you don’t have to live with it.

BBL shapes more than just your bottom

Using your own fat, the Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the buttocks area to create the desired look. We achieve this with a precise fat transfer to the buttocks, using liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one place of your body before we transfer it into your backside.

The result of a Brazilian butt lift surgery is a slimmer overall look with a rounder butt. Besides the increased volume, the shape of “hip dips” can be improved via BBL surgery in Santa Rosa.

If you are looking to attain an enhanced fullness to your buttocks and are seeking a natural alternative to butt implants, we welcome you to contact Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa to make an appointment with Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, or Dr. Furnas.

Do I weigh enough for a BBL?

There is no minimum weight requirement for a Brazilian butt lift procedure, but there does need to be adequate fat on your body for the fat transfer to your buttocks. Those who have insufficient fat for liposuction would not be candidates for BBL surgery. That includes individuals who have a very low body weight or those who, for example, are fitness professionals with low body fat percentages. 

The expert plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates will complete a thorough consultation to ensure your candidacy for a Brazilian butt lift. 

Weight is not the only factor considered before a BBL procedure. It is also crucial to have good skin tone. If you have sagging skin, you may feel more satisfied with the results from a traditional surgical butt lift. 

What to expect during a BBL procedure

The Procedure

Our surgeons use the highest quality and safest method of fat extraction. 

In most cases, we use general anesthesia for a fat transfer surgery of this nature. It is an outpatient treatment and generally takes around 2 to 3 hours (depending on the quantity of fat extracted and reinstated). 

Your surgeon will first perform liposuction to remove fat from specific areas on the body, including the hips, abdomen, lower back, and thighs. We protect the extracted fat from the open air and process it in a closed and sterile centrifuge system. Next is the injection phase, where we inject the healthy fat tissue in layers followed by a delicate massage to make sure the surface is even and smooth. We repeat this step several times until we attain the desired shape.

After the Treatment

After a Brazilian butt lift in Santa Rosa, we will send you home to recover. You need to monitor the sections on the body that have been adjusted—where the fat was extracted and your enhanced buttocks. Expect both areas to bruise. It is important not to place a lot of weight on the buttocks for around 2 weeks after surgery. Prior to your surgery, we will review the special pillows and garments you need for recovery.


As soon as the swelling subsides, results are visible. Usually the full outcome is seen around 4–6 weeks post-op. The buttocks will appear curvaceous and shapelier. Additionally, liposuction may make your result more noticeable if we performed it on the hips or lower back/flanks area.

Is BBL surgery dangerous?

Every surgery comes with risks associated, which is why we always emphasize the importance of carefully considering your choice of surgeon and to use a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Because BBL surgery is a fat transfer procedure, great care must be taken when injecting the fat into the buttocks. At Plastic Surgery Associates in Santa Rosa, we always have successful BBL surgeries. Dr. Furnas, Dr. Culbertson, and Dr. Canales are board-certified plastic surgeons and have extensive training in fat transfers to the buttocks.

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

Your total cost for a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) includes:

  • Fat transfer
  • Liposuction
  • Anesthesia
  • Facility fees
  • Care before and after your surgery

When Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, or Dr. Furnas develop your treatment plan, they will give you cost estimates. The range is usually $13,000 to $15,000. It’s best to focus on choosing a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with, like Dr. Canales and Dr. Furnas, rather than finding the cheapest price. Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa takes several payments, and we can give you information on low-interest financing.

Should I get implants or a fat transfer?

If you want to improve the shape and size of your buttocks, you can get butt augmentation using either silicone implants or fat grafting, which is commonly called a Brazilian butt lift. Buttock implants have a high incidence of infection and only a limited size can be placed, so our plastic surgeons prefer fat transfer to  In your initial consultation, we will explain both methods and help you choose which fits your physique and goals. We will also examine your body to decide which areas would get liposuction (usually the stomach, back, or thighs). You may not be a candidate for a BBL if your body fat percentage is too low.

How long will my Brazilian butt lift results last?

Although some fat will be reabsorbed after your Brazilian butt lift, the majority of the fat will stay in your buttocks for many years. To keep your results, you need to maintain a steady weight, as major weight loss or gain can alter the results of your BBL. That’s why Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, and Dr. Furnas recommend you achieve a healthy weight prior to your procedure so it’s easier for you to stay fit and have your BBL last a very long time.

How can I recover faster after a BBL?

If you want to recover faster after a BBL, we recommend you follow all post-surgical instructions accordingly. You should avoid sitting on your bottom for at least 14 days as the area heals. We also suggest you buy a donut-shaped or wedge-shaped pillow, which lets you sit down with pressure placed on your legs rather than your buttocks. Light stretching and short walks will improve your blood flow and reduce swelling. We may also suggest a special post-surgical massage to help your body heal.

Will a Brazilian butt lift remove loose skin?

A Brazilian butt lift adds volume, we do not do any removal of excess skin in this procedure. A traditional gluteoplasty (butt lift) removes excess skin from your butt. The extra volume transferred to your buttocks during a Brazilian butt lift can fill out some loose skin, but if you are concerned about moderate or severe excess skin, you might want to discuss a gluteoplasty with a BBL. Dr. Canales, Dr. Culbertson, and Dr. Furnas will go over your options, depending on your goals and physical exam, in your initial consultation.

Brazilian butt lift vs. surgical butt lift

We established that BBL surgeries do not remove excess skin the way a traditional surgical butt lift does. If you suffer from loose, wrinkled skin on or under your rear end, a surgical butt lift (sometimes called a posterior body lift) is the best choice to address it. In this procedure, we make incisions beneath the crease of your buttocks where the thigh and bottom meet. We then trim away excess skin so we can lift the skin remaining to a more appealing position. Drains will likely need to be placed. Sometimes we recommend liposuction be added to the surgery for the best results. When the procedure is complete, your incisions will be stitched closed or stapled and monitored in the recovery area by our skilled team of medical professionals.

The benefits of a surgical butt lift include a plumper backside in a more lifted position with taut skin underneath. We can perform this skin tightening surgery in conjunction with other body sculpting surgeries, such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), a thigh lift, or a lower body lift. Call our office in Santa Rosa, California to learn more.

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