Lip Lifts: Something to Smile About

Aesthetic Team | 08/19/2019

Achieving lips you will feel confident about has never been easier, thanks to the popularity of lip injections.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Black Thursday 2018

Front Office Staff | 11/01/2018

2018 Black Thursday is going to be full of more fun, delicious food, deep discounts, amazing prizes and pampering products.


Breast Augmentation: What To Expect and 10 Tips for Success

Front Office Staff | 08/23/2018

To make navigating the surgical process a little less stressful, we want to share our 10 steps for a satisfying breast augmentation.


Behind the Doors of Our Family-Friendly Practice

Front Office Staff | 02/12/2018

Over 65% of our team members are parents, many with children under the age of 18. How do we support these parents?


The Game-Changing, Noninvasive Treatment for Female Stress Incontinence

Front Office Staff | 10/12/2017

Female incontinence is an extremely common problem, however, the disorder is rarely talked about in the open.


In Search of The Perfect Scar After Plastic Surgery

Front Office Staff | 09/04/2017

Once you have decided to have a plastic surgery procedure, the natural question is: “what can I do to minimize scarring?”


Labiaplasty in San Francisco Bay Area

Front Office Staff | 08/13/2017

Women have discovered that their concerns over the length of their labia minora are more common than previously thought.


What's new in Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Front Office Staff | 08/01/2017

For the past five years one of the fastest- growing fields in plastic surgery is that of female genital plastic surgery.


Treating Normal Changes in the Labia Majora

Front Office Staff | 07/27/2017

A a natural decrease in tissue volume can affect the labia majora, as well, taking away its youthful aesthetic appeal.


Treatments to Combat Vaginal Laxity

Front Office Staff | 05/25/2017

Unfortunately, few people discuss the impact on quality of life that that many women experience from vaginal laxity.


Breast Implant Comparison: Round vs Shaped

Front Office Staff | 02/02/2017

There are many factors that impact the final look and shape of augmented breasts.


The neck's best option: Kybella, Coolsculpting, Liposuction or Neck Lift

Front Office Staff | 03/26/2016

To those of us who review the options on a daily basis, there is much more to the neck than meets the eye.



Front Office Staff | 02/20/2016

Our team discusses the 5 most important questions to ask before undergoing a breast augmentation.


The Plastic Surgery Team

Front Office Staff | 09/22/2015

In Plastic Surgery, it takes a team for a major case to go smoothly and safely.


Plastic Surgery, Right or Wrong?

Front Office Staff | 09/15/2015

The decision about whether to have plastic surgery is a personal one. No one should make it ‘for’ you. The choice should be yours and yours alone.


Labiaplasty Basics

Front Office Staff | 08/25/2015

Labiaplasty surgery is controversial, though the kerfuffle is slowly subsiding.


Surgery on Tissue Paper Won't Create Lycra

Front Office Staff | 08/04/2015

If a facelift patient with “tissue paper skin” expects surgery to give her “Lycra skin” she will be disappointed.


Learning Sunscreen Basics in an Elevator

Front Office Staff | 07/14/2015

As a medical student, I loved my tan. But Dr. Morton got my attention. I’ll put out this little plea: Please wear your sunscreen.


Tummy Tuck Basics

Front Office Staff | 06/23/2015

If you’re thinking about a tummy tuck, make sure your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Cosmetic Surgery Pearls from Vegas

Front Office Staff | 06/16/2015

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except at the annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting.


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