Behind the Doors of Our Family-Friendly Practice

Working for an aesthetic medical practice certainly has its benefits, like testing new products or treatments, ‘lunch and learns’, and helping patients feel confident in their own bodies. One of the less-obvious perks at our practice is our family-friendly culture. Over 65% of our team members are parents, many with children under the age of 18. How do we support these parents?

Flexibility with Schedules

Being a parent can also mean being a chauffeur. We work with our staff to create schedules that support childcare pick-ups and drop-offs. When a child gets sick and mom or dad needs to stay home, we pick up the slack at the office to support one another. And, if things don’t go as planned and childcare falls through, we’ll always welcome a little helper at our office for the day.


We know kids grow fast and interests change. Our staff has children of all ages, and with that comes lots of extra stuff. It’s not uncommon to find a bag of children’s clothing or sports equipment in our break room on its way to a new home.

Baby Showers

We love babies…and cake! Whenever someone is expecting, we always plan an event to shower our soon-to-be parent with love.

Sharing Advice

If you spend time around the lunch hour in our office café, you are bound to overhear a conversation about kids. Sharing tips and asking for advice is only natural among parents. Sometimes the emotional support is really the most family-friendly aspect of our practice. The running joke at our Santa Rosa location is that we should convert our roof into a penthouse daycare. While the daycare may not happen, we will continue to find ways to support the incredible parents in our practice. Do you work in a family-friendly office? We’d love to hear your experience!

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