April 2023 Newsletter

Hydrafacial = $189 ** Hydrafacial Deluxe = $249 ** Hydrafacial Platinum = $299 **

** Additional discount applies to Allegro Club Members!**

Purchase a Hydrfacial Deluxe or a Hydrafacial Platinum and Receive a $100 value Alastin Gift Bag-While Supplies Last


Click Below for Episode 2 – Botox and More! (Daxxify)

Save Money Every Day on Allegro Services and Products- Join the Allegro Membership!

$500 FREE Daxxify when you Join our Membership
aat the Diamond Level by 4/15/2023

Email us for Free Daxxify Offer and to become Diamond member

Why are we so excited about our Diamond Membership and Daxxify?

1. When you sign up for a Diamond membership before this April 15th, you get up to $520 worth of free Daxxify! Results can be experienced as soon as one day following treatment with DAXXIFY and can last up to 6 months! For some people, results can last up to 9 months.

That’s 2 times longer than conventional neuromodulators currently available!

2. Diamond members save 15 % every day on Allegro services and products.

3. Diamond members save 10% on surgeon’s fees when they have a plastic surgery procedure with us.

Why are we so excited about the Allegro Membership?

Whether you sign up at the Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond level, the monthly membership fee remains YOUR money to use as you see fit on Allegro products or services.

You can always upgrade your level of membership for more savings.

Members receive first invitations to special events.

Free Daxxify Offer must be retrieved at a single visit within 6 months. Please call 707-537-2123 or email us for details.

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