Operating Room Tour, Plastic Surgery Associates

Operating Room Tour, Plastic Surgery Associates

Just as you want to know that the airplane you're flying in meets official standards for safety and maintenance, you should also make sure that the operating room where you have surgery is certified and safe. The surgery suite at Plastic Surgery Associates meets the high standards of a nationally recognized certifying agency, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, we use board-certified physician anesthesiologists for your comfort and safety. We even have our own generator, so if someone hits a power line, we're good to go because we can make our own power. For patient comfort, we have a warm air blanket, and to prevent blood clots, we apply leg massagers. Our gases are built into the wall with automatic pressure readings.

After surgery, our patients recover in a state-of-the-art recovery room with an experienced nurse. Best of all, we have a great team, and we love what we do. And how do our patients feel? Well, I'll let them tell you.

There's no way to describe how wonderful the whole experience was.

This by far was the very best experience of surgery that-

Like a dream. I mean, it couldn't have gone better.

It was like why was I nervous? That was a piece of cake.

Trust Plastic Surgery Associates.