Labiaplasty (& why women want it!) explained by Dr. Heather Furnas

Video credit: ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Why Women Want Labiaplasties

The incidence of labiaplasty's just been skyrocketing. From 2011 to 2015, it jumped 400% in the US. Women are symptomatic often. They can also suffer from the appearance and being self-conscious. It can really impact their intimate relations and they just feel better afterwards. Women can experience tugging and pain with intercourse. We see a lot of teens who are having difficulty competing in sports. Horseback riding, motorcycle riding, bicycle riding, a lot of things are very symptomatic for these women. I like labiaplasty because it's a very straightforward procedure with a very high satisfaction rate. It's got a low complication rate and so it's gratifying. It's gratifying for the patient and it's gratifying for me.